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Who helps build your reputation and boost your sales figure? It is... your translator

What you did not realize your translator can do for you

No doubt you debated long about the contents of your website,  your company brochure, your social media pages. You carefully considered what you want to convey to your potential clients, you thought about the right tone, about your image. You wanted to do everything just right. You wrote the text, edited it, changed the wording here and there, replaced correct words by words that you feel are just a bit more precise or that are clearer. You know how important your texts are to help build your reputation and credibility.

And you expect the same from your translators: they should carefully consider which terms are suitable for your purpose, how to address the reader (formal? informal?), how to avoid anything that might be not acceptable in their culture or that might be misunderstood. Indeed, good translators make a lot of decisions that will have an impact on your text, your sales message, and your image, so that you come across as reputable and professional, whatever language your prospects speak.

But that is not all good translators can do for you. No one will ever read your source text so closely, analyse your message, grasp the underlying meaning. And so they will detect any errors, inconsistencies, sources of misinterpretation. They can save you from embarrassing errors, misunderstandings or in some cases even from legal actions.

And the better your translators get to know your company, your style and your goals, the more they will be able to help and support you in getting your message across.

Translators are wizards with language and a good translator is worth his weight in gold. So it is important to find a good translator who knows your industry, who listens to you and who is committed to helping your business thrive. And thus helps boost your sales figure.

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