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Over the past years, I have worked with well-known translation agencies. In that capacity, I have translated countless amounts of copy for some of the biggest names in the IT industry. Before starting out as a freelancer, I spent nearly ten years working as an in-house translator for an IT company. Some of my regular end clients include:

  • Microsoft (company emails and browser ads)

  • Dropbox (website copy, help system, company emails, etc.)

  • Samsung (website copy)

  • Canon (user manuals)

and other well-known brands like Apple,  Sony, Lenovo, Epson, Sharp, Ricoh etc.

Other industries


I also regularly translate for companies from the following industries:

  • Food/drink
  • Watches
  • Cosmetics, toothpaste...
  • Tourism
  • Financial services

and have repeatedly translated for The European Commission.

Types of copy

I translate all kinds of documents, no matter the file format: from manuals to software strings and website copy, from internal company reports to promotional materials.