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English to Dutch translation services

Els Hoefman


Dutch/Flemish translator
for the business world
and the IT industry



How much bigger will your market become if you have your marketing materials translated?

I have translated for Microsoft, Skype, Dropbox, Samsung and the European Commission. How can I help you? 

I would highly recommend Els as a linguist - she produces work of a very high quality and always within the given deadline. A very reliable translator :)
— — Faith Thomson, Rosetta Translation, London

Dutch translation services

I offer English to Dutch translations and Dutch localization, such as:

  • Dutch ICT translations

  • Dutch marketing translations

  • Dutch business translations

  • Dutch website translations

  • Dutch tourism translations

I also offer English into Belgian Dutch translations and Belgian Dutch localization (often called English into Flemish translations and Flemish localization).

Are you looking for English into Belgian translations? Belgian is not a language. You probably need Belgian Dutch. Click here for more information.

About me

I hold a Master's degree in Translation. Before starting out as a freelance translator, I spent several years working as an in-house translator. In my work, I use the latest technological translation tools, and I use industry-specific dictionaries and reference websites.

Specializations: IT, businesses, marketing and tourism

Although I specialize in IT, business communication, marketing and tourism, I also work in other areas. My regular end clients include large commercial companies, but also the European Commission.


How much does a translation cost?

There are several factors at play when determining what a translation costs, like the difficulty level, the file format your document is delivered in, the deadline, etc. If you email the file to, I’ll send you a quote as soon as possible. In the meantime you can go to the Instant Online Quote page and check yourself how much your translation will cost if it meets the standard requirements (normal difficulty level and deadline etc.)

Contact details

For more information or a non-committal quote, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Did you know the figures are this high?

The impact of translations on your business

Your copy represents the way your company communicates. That means you need flawless copy that reads well, in order to preserve your reputation and company image. As your direct partner for English to Dutch translations, I’ll make sure your copy is translated correctly and consistently.

That one-on-one collaboration with me as your translator means better communications, greater consistency for your translated copy, guaranteed quality and lower costs.

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