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The new Google Translate - a quick test case for the English - Dutch language pair

Great news : Google announced Google Translate is now applying its new machine learning algorithms to the English into Dutch language pair. Does that mean Google Translate has evolved from a rudimentary tool that helps people understand the essence of the message in a language they do not master, and the infamous source of jokes like Google Translate fails and Google Translate sings, to a translation service that is useful in a professional environment? Can you finally use it to translate your product brochures or website text into new languages to reach new markets all over the world? Can you address potential business partners in their own language when you write them an email?

Let's do a quick check.

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How to find inspiration for blog posts and start writing within 30 minutes from now. Go.

Blog posts attract people to your website and profile - so they are great for marketing! They are an easy and cost-efficient way to put your expertise out there for the world to see and to introduce yourself to potential clients. So if you are not blogging yet, or not often enough, you are missing out!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to write about? 'Just do it' is the best advice. I’ve been there. I used to think that I did not have anything worth writing about so I did not have a blog. But there is actually a lot that you could write about, even if you don’t realize it now.

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How to find a freelance translator

You have a text that want to have translated and you want to find a translator… It sounds easy, but you will soon find that it is not as easy as you think. At least, not if you care about the quality of the translation. If you want to have a text translated, it is probably because you want to reach an audience that you cannot easily reach with the original text. But if you want the translation to appeal to your target audience as much as your source text does, you do need a translator who has the right skills and who can deliver quality.

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Why Belgium is your ideal location for trade fairs

What better country to visit trade fairs or participate in trade fairs than Belgium? Its strategic location in the heart of Europe make small Belgium a great business hub. Brussels is in the top 5 of European cities that attract businesses. No wonder a small country like Belgium is host to so many interesting trade fairs! No matter what your industry is, no matter where your interests lie, Belgium will have a trade fair for you.

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What you should know about Flemish before doing business in Belgium

It is widely known that Belgium is a great country for business: a strategic location, a great logistical infrastructure, a skilled workforce and an ideal test market for new projects and products. And while the high level of language skills will be useful for businesses that want to enter this market, the only way to attract customers is to have your materials translated into the local languages. After all 75% of potential clients want to see your products in their native language, according to a Common Sense Advisory Study. In Belgium that means Dutch (spoken by 60% of the population, based in Flanders), French (50%, based in Wallonia) and German (1%, based near the German border).  That's right, Flemish is not in the list. How come?

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What to consider when planning a multilingual website

One of the best ways to drive revenue is to make your website available in multiple languages. After all, a recent Common Sense Advisory Study reveals that no less than 75% of potential clients want to see your products in their native language. And although the common assumption is that many people are comfortable using English, this figure is increasing rather than decreasing. Moreover, most people simply never or rarely ever buy from websites that are not available in their native language.

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What to put on your Christmas cards - "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?

In a society in which diversity is key, classic holiday wishes such as Merry Christmas are often replaced by more generic wishes such as "Happy holidays" out of respect for people who do not celebrate Christmas. At the same time most people prefer to be wished "Merry Christmas". What should your company choose? Give it some thought before ordering this year's cards and presents.

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